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Legal Document Access

Having the right legal documents in place is essential to protect your interests, whether as an individual, a farmer or a business. If you don’t have the right documents, you may be at risk of losing out financially, as well as emotionally.

That’s why Carolina Farmers Mutual Insurance company have made legal document services available to our policyholders, free of charge, so you can have the opportunity to protect yourself, your family and your business from legal risks and obtain peace of mind.

Your access depends on the type of policy you have, so please find your policy type below for more information on how to get started today.

Homeowner policyholders (CFMIC1892PRP)

Personal Risk Protection documents cover a wide range of personal legal needs, from making a will, power of attorney or healthcare directive, to documents to help you sell a car or renovate your home.
Visit www.personalriskprotection.com/cfmic

Farmowner policyholders (CFMIC1892FRP)

Farm Risk Protection includes comprehensive estate plans, agreements for the rental of equipment and the selling of livestock, leasing of farm land, hiring of contractors, risk assessment, Wills, Power of Attorneys, Advanced Directives and liability waivers for events held on your land.
Visit www.farmriskprotection.com/cfmic

Commercial policyholders (CFMIC1892BRP)

Business Risk Protection documents cover the many legal risks faced by businesses today, and include HR related issues, independent contractor agreements, construction and maintenance contracts, hiring of property manager and commercial and residential leases.
Visit www.businessriskprotection.com/cfmic

Access the services in 4 easy steps:

The Risk Protection websites are simple, quick and convenient. No legal knowledge is required, and helpful guidance notes and explanations will steer you through the questionnaire until you have provided all the necessary information. Then print your document and follow the final steps on the ‘What to do with..’ page to finalize your document.

Read more about the available documents here: (click the link below for access and more information)