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What you must do in case of a loss.

  • Give us or our agent prompt notice.
  • Give notice to the police when the act that caused the loss was a crime.
  • Cooperate with us during the settlement of the claim.
  • Take reasonable steps to protect covered property from further loss. We pay for any incurred expense to do so.
    • In case of roof damage, tarp roof to prevent further damage to inside.
    • Close any openings created by loss to prevent uninvited entrance to property.
    • Shut off water when necessitated by loss.
  • Give company representative opportunity to see the damage.
  • Make available for inspection any electronic equipment or appliances damaged by lightning, do not discard any items until agreed upon with company.
  • Provide an inventory list of damaged personal property giving the description, age, cost new and any receipts you have for damaged items.