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Claims FAQ’s

How do I file a claim?

In order to file a claim, you will need to contact your insurance agent for any coverage questions you may have so that they can help you in determining whether or not you have a loss that is covered in your policy. At this time, your agent can complete an ACORD Loss Notice for you to submit to Carolina Farmers Mutual Insurance Company or you may open the link below to file a claim online. Please give your information as accurately as possible so that your claim can be handled as thoroughly as possible. Also, please be advised that once a claim is filed and you have been contacted by an adjuster, this counts as a claim on your policy, even if it is determined by the adjuster/company that this is not a covered loss.

Will my claim be covered?

It will depend on a number of factors: what coverage you purchased from Carolina Farmers Mutual Insurance Company, what caused the loss or damage, and what property was lost or damaged, to name a few. If you are wondering if a particular loss or damage would be covered, contact your agent or your Carolina Farmers Mutual Insurance Company Claims manager.

We have wind/hail damage, so what happens now?

There are several things you can do before the adjuster arrives at your property.

  • Take measures to protect and clean up your property. Use plywood, tarps or other materials to cover broken windows and damaged rooftops. This will help prevent further damage from inclement weather. Share with your adjuster any bills, receipts for materials/services etc.
  • If you have access to a camera, take photographs of the damage to your structure and/or personal property. Make these available to your adjuster.
  • Compile a list of personal property damaged in the storm. The list should be as complete and accurate as possible. We understand this is a time-consuming and sometimes emotional task, but do the best you can do. This can greatly speed up the claims process. Your adjuster may answer any questions/concerns you may have when you submit your list to them.

Should I start making repairs before you inspect the damages?

We know you are eager to put your home back together, but it is best to wait until we have conducted our first on-site inspection, or until your adjuster has instructed you to do so. However, keep in mind, it is your duty to take precautions to secure your property from further damage by covering broken windows or holes in the roof or exterior walls.

Can I choose who will do the repairs to my property?

Yes. You will be responsible for choosing your contractor or vendor.

Be careful in selecting your contractor. It is usually better to select a local contractor or repair service; one who has been in the area for several years, who is insured and bonded and gives you a written guarantee. Talk with friends and neighbors and relatives that have hired contractors, get references, and/or contact the Better Business Bureau for information about the contractors you are considering.

Will repairs be done properly and workmanship guaranteed?

By choosing your own contractor, you manage their work and ensure that the repairs meet your standards.

Do I need to file a police report for property damage or loss due to theft?

Yes. Reporting losses to the appropriate authorities is required by your policy.

Because of Damages, my home isn’t safe to live in. What do I do?

Your safety is our number one priority. If you purchased Additional Living Expenses coverage as part of your policy, and a covered loss makes your home uninhabitable, your policy will cover a reasonable increase in living expense to maintain your normal standard of living. Some restrictions and limitations may apply, so please consult your adjuster.

My tree fell on my next door neighbor’s house. Does my insurance pay for their repairs, or does his?

The owner of the dwelling/property that was damaged should file a claim with their insurance company.

Do I need to hire a public adjuster?

If you have suffered a major loss, you may be contacted by a public adjuster. These are independent claims adjusters who will charge YOU a fee for their services based on the total value of the claim. That fee is NOT a covered expense; you cannot seek reimbursement from Carolina Farmers Mutual Insurance Company. We are confident that the adjuster assigned by Carolina Farmers Mutual Insurance Company will investigate, evaluate, and settle your claim fairly and efficiently, so that you do not need to hire a public adjuster.

I have replacement cost coverage. Why did you show depreciation on the estimate?

If you purchased replacement cost coverage in your policy, we will cover the actual cost of repairing or replacing damaged, destroyed, or stolen property as valued by your adjuster with property of like kind and quality. We will make an initial payment based on the current value of the property (depreciated value). We will pay an additional amount, up to the cost to repair or replace your damaged property if work is complete/ items are replaced, and receipts/ contractor’s completion notice is given to Carolina Farmers Mutual Insurance Company or your assigned adjuster within 180 days of the date of your loss.

Why is my check made payable to both me and my mortgage company? How do I get it endorsed so I can cash it to pay for repairs?

When you have a mortgage on your home, settlement checks typically are made payable to you and your mortgagee as required by your mortgage company. You will need to contact your mortgage company to find out how to obtain their endorsement on the check.

When do I pay my deductible? To whom do I pay?

Your deductible will be subtracted from the amount of your loss before we deliver your settlement payment.

My home was damaged by a flood. Is the damage covered by my Carolina Farmers Mutual Insurance Company policy?

Carolina Farmers Mutual Insurance Company policies do not cover flood damage. If you have purchased flood insurance from the National Flood Insurance Program, the damages may be covered by that policy.